Allevamento di Chiesanova, Bolognese dogs and Poodles

Allevamento di Chiesanova, Bolognese dogs and Poodles

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Our Poodles

  The Poodle has been in Europe for over 400 years, he was initially developed for hunting ducks and then became a companion dog during the XVI century

  He became the friend of Princes and Kings who showed off his beauty and also became the inseparable companion of circus performers who used his great intelligence and memory.

The standard

  Splendid example of beauty, the poodle is divided according to size: Toy (up to 28 cm), Miniature (from 28 to 35 cm), Standard (from 35 to 45 cm) and Giant (from 45 to 58 cm). His curly or corded coat may be of many colours: black, brown, grey, white, cream and apricot.

 A well-proportioned dog, with a light and springy gait. The poodle lives for a long time, must take exercise because tends to fatten and needs accurate grooming.

 Suitable for living in flats, the poodle has a lively temperament and good character; he is intelligent, active, elegant and proud. He is a good companion and is extremely faithful, he is ready to do anything for his master, and has often shown to be an excellent friend for lonely people. 


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