Allevamento di Chiesanova, Bolognese dogs and Poodles

Allevamento di Chiesanova, Bolognese dogs and Poodles

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Our Champions

  The love and devotion we have given to our dogs have been rewarded with the acknowledgement of many national and international prizes. Our dogs are used as reference dogs for the Bolognese and Poodle breeds. 

Bolognese dogs


And moreover:


Tam Tam
della Antica Storia

European champion and Croatian champion to the European Dog Show june 8 -10, 2007 Zagreb - Croatia.

Aura di Chiesanova Italian Champion
Mimmo e Siria
Minimum Italian Champion
Siria di Chiesanova
Italian Champion
European Champion 2005 International Champion

Dotto degli Elmi has become social champion 2002
Lalla di Chiesanova has become social champion 2002


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